Leadership and Listening

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, March 30 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CST

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Location: 208AB

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Title: Leadership and Listening


When trying to clearly define leadership, it may be better to consider what a leader does rather than what leadership is. One of the best behaviors of a leader is to listen, but often leaders don't know how to listen or understand the benefits to an organization when they do listen. Listening builds trust, rapport and connection. It makes employees feel valued and helps them contribute to the overall success of an organization. But most leaders don't truly know how to listen – they are often pre-occupied, try to problem solve, or ask clarifying questions that are misinterpreted. Even when leaders intend to help but don’t understand how to listen, they can actually cause harm in the form of over-dependent employees, employees who don't feel cared for and employees who don't feel valued. This presentation will be a provocative look at what listening really is. It will challenge attendees to rethink how well they truly listen. Attendees will gain valuable insight on how they can better connect and build trust with their employees, spouses, children and friends.

Type: AGG1 Academy