Compaction 101: Doing the Right Things, the Right Way

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, March 30 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST

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Location: 205ABC

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Title: Compaction 101: Doing the Right Things, the Right Way


Roller compaction is the last opportunity during the paving process to produce a long-lasting and high-quality pavement. This session will cover the compaction basics that will help prepare attendees for challenges faced during construction operations. The common objectives include uniform target density and a pavement surface smoothness that earns rideability awards and bonuses. Using compaction best practices will consistently produce highest quality pavements with lowest production cost.
• Understand the four elements of compaction
• How to balance production, laydown, and compaction operations in order to match paving speed with rolling speed.
• Understanding which factors can affect compaction, and practices to mitigate negative impacts

Type: People, Plants and Paving Conference